I really began my journey not as a photographer but as a traveler and I still wonder about the balance between those two passions in my life. Am I a photographer that loves traveling or am I a traveler that loves photography?
— Stephan Alvin

After 11 years as a professional skater touring the world with Disney On Ice, Stephan Alvin shares a fraction of what he has captured through his camera lenses. Countless cities, 46 states and 71 countries explored, he knows there’s still so much to see and so much to photograph.

All photography rights reserverd to Stephan Alvin.


from yosemite national park

When the most beautiful valley in the world is basically your backyard you don’t take that for granted.


from around the world

Check out a fraction of what Stephan was able to capture after travelling through 71 countries.

Bixby Bridge Sunset California

from California

Living in the Central Valley allows photographer Stephan to drive to the most iconic spots in California often.